• Five reasons to take your makeup off before going to sleep

    Getting the night beauty routine right all the time can sometimes be just another chore. And when the after-work drinks turn into a Friday night party when we finally get home it's easy to miss the face cleansing stage and go straight to bed. These habits can affect our skin, so grab your Beauty Mover do the quick skin refresh before bed. Your skin will thank you for it! For those not convinced, check out the five reasons why taking off your makeup before bed is so important;
  • Beauty & Bathrooms – Where is the recycling?

    We are all aware of the importance of recycling. With major changes being implemented across the country over the past several years, recycling has become part of everyday life with milk bottles and packaging all being added to the recycling bin for collection.

    What surprising is the recycling efforts that occur in the beauty and bathroom area of the home. Anecdotal feedback suggests people are more willing to ensure kitchen products are placed in the correct bins for recycling but with bathroom products they make do with options available – ie discard in normal rubbish or see if they can flush it in the toilet! This needs to change.
  • Growing trend toward clean living and eco-beauty

    The eco-beauty trend is growing momentum across Australia. Generations of consumers are searching for natural products which don't harm the skin or the environment. Science has shown long term exposure to chemicals can have significant health impacts. Informed consumers now more than ever are inclined to review the ingredient list, seeking an understanding of the chemical formulations to avoid potential health implications.
  • Beauty Mover vs Traditional Makeup Wipes

    Our skin is our biggest organ and is put to task with pollutants, along with all the layers of makeup we apply daily.

    For many people, the solution is makeup wipes. Before Beauty Mover, my routine involved several makeup wipes, sometimes up to three. After use, all three makeup wipes went in the rubbish. Over a week, I would use over 30 makeup wipes - all going into the bin and eventually to landfill!