Beauty & Bathrooms – Where is the recycling?

We are all aware of the importance of recycling. With major changes being implemented across the country over the past several years, recycling has become part of everyday life with milk bottles and packaging all being added to the recycling bin for collection. 

What's surprising is the recycling efforts that occur in the beauty and bathroom area of the home. Anecdotal feedback suggests people are more willing to ensure kitchen products are placed in the correct bins for recycling but with bathroom products they make do with options available – ie discard in normal rubbish or see if they can flush it in the toilet! This needs to change.

There are so many one-use products that continue to flood the market, from the cotton bud, to makeup wipes and cotton pads. These all make their way to landfill or cause havoc on the water utility systems. To give you an idea on how much of a problem this is, the water utility providers have a term that describes the blockage – fatberg!

This term sounds as disgusting as it is! For those that may know, it’s when the system clogs up with all the items that people try to flush down the toilet. This not only cost taxpayers to clean up, but it’s also bad for the environment.

Makeup wipes are one of the contributors to “fatbergs”. By removing the disposable makeup wipes from your routine and switching to Beauty Mover you can help make a difference.

Beauty Mover is a reusable, eco-friendly product that replaces the traditional makeup wipe. You need no chemicals, simply add water and the fabric technology does the work to remover the makeup from within the pores. It can be washed and reused for over 100 times and when it comes time to replace, the old Beauty Mover can be upcycled into insulation and tyres. It’s great for the environment and great for the skin.

So next time you are in your bathroom, look at your product choice and start to consider the impact your decisions are making on the environment and future generations. Every decision counts.

Beauty Mover Pink Toilet