Five reasons to take your makeup off before going to sleep

Getting the night beauty routine right all the time can sometimes be just another chore. And when the after-work drinks turn into a Friday night party when we finally get home it's easy to miss the face cleansing stage and go straight to bed. These habits can affect our skin, so grab your Beauty Mover do the quick skin refresh before bed. Your skin will thank you for it!

For those not convinced, check out the five reasons why taking off your makeup before bed is so important;

1. Your skin will age

Makeup and dirt trapped against the skin causes oxidative damage which leads to premature aging. Don't believe us? In 2013 a woman undertook an experiment where she stopped washing her face and reapplied her makeup each morning over and over for 30 days. Experts said she aged herself 10 years!

2. Foundation clogs pores

Foundation helps give your skin that flawless complexion but when left on the skin too long can cause your damage to the surface and beyond. Foundation is notorious for clogging pores, causing acne breakouts and even contribute to fine lines when it's not removed properly from the face. When you add into the mix sweat, pollution and other environmental contributors, when you finally go to sleep with the makeup still in place, all of this will end up sinking into your skin!

3. Ages the skin

Each night your skin goes through a renewal process, so if you still have makeup on, this process will be impacted. The chemicals and pollutants from the day will penetrate the skin can interfere with the natural repair mechanisms. By stopping this process you also open the doors to further oxidative stress that attacks your skin with free radicals. This damage affects the skin at a molecular level and decreasing collagen which ages the skin.

4. Leads to dry skin

We all know makeup blocks pores but makeup also affects sebum production. When you leave makeup on overnight you continue the sebum block which slows down the repair process, leading to dry skin and longer-term this leads to the formation of wrinkles and dull skin.

5. Pimples & Breakouts
We naturally shed around 50 million skin cells a day with the majority renewed overnight. Old makeup can trap the dead skin cells, preventing them from naturally exfoliating. This causes inflammation, dullness, and the accumulation of bacteria, resulting in pimples and breakouts.

Do your skin and your future skin a favour and clean your skin every night.

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