Growing trend toward clean living and eco-beauty

The eco-beauty trend is growing momentum across Australia. Generations of consumers are searching for natural products that don't harm the skin or the environment. 

This change is evident in the rise of clean living, where people remove processed foods from their diet, opting for real food that has been grown from the earth. The benefits of this change are widely documented and have shown to have a real impact on overall health. 

Parallel to clean living, clean beauty opens the door to a more holistic approach to beauty. Where natural supersedes the toxic while delivering real results. Beauty Mover is a key example of where science meets clean beauty.

The Beauty Mover is created with material which is 100 times finer than a human hair and can be reused several times. The fabric technology does the work, you simply add water.

Harnessing the unique power of the material and combining water, the Beauty Mover actually attracts makeup particles to it. This means makeup and general face pollutants are easily cleansed from the face without the need for chemicals. This truly is the next generation makeup remover and one that can be added to a clean-living life. 

The benefits don't stop there with Beauty Mover replacing the need for makeup wipes. An average person would you use hundreds of makeup wipes during a course of a year and thousands over a lifetime, all of which end up in landfill. And we all know the world is at capacity when it comes to landfill. We need to make changes before it's too late. 

Beauty Mover can be washed around 200 times before replacing it. And when it comes time for a replacement, rather than going to landfill, Beauty Mover can be upcycled into new products, such as insulation and tyres. 

When you put all the benefits together, no chemicals, no toxins, reusable and ecofriendly, Beauty Mover is the perfect choice for your skin and the planet.
Beauty Mover Face