Beauty Mover vs Traditional Makeup Wipes

Our skin is our biggest organ and is put to task with pollutants, along with all the layers of makeup applied daily.

To truly clean the skin, we need to remove these layers, cleanse the skin and remove the dirt from the pores.

For many people, the solution is makeup wipes. Before Beauty Mover, my routine involved several makeup wipes, sometimes up to three. After use, all three makeup wipes went in the rubbish. Over a week, I would use over 30 makeup wipes - all going into the bin and eventually to landfill.

Generally, after makeup wipes, my skin was what I thought was cleaned. However, on some occasions, I did notice there was still residue from the makeup wipe, which meant chemicals were still on the skin before trying to put moisturiser. 

After some further research, I found the makeup wipes were also disrupting my skins natural pH balance. To maintain skin you need to ensure that the balance is correct, you don't want to remove makeup while also leaving your skin at a negative level. It's important to keep that pH balance correct so that all other products in your beauty routine can be optimised, for example, the moisturiser post-cleanse. By having a natural pH the moisturiser will be much more effective. 

In addition, makeup wipes generally contain so many chemicals, (many with names unknown) mainly to ensure the product remains stable on supermarket shelves. I don't know about you, but looking at a list of chemicals that cover every letter in the alphabet plus random numbers is a bit overwhelming, especially knowing these will be used on the skin!

One particular chemical which I keep away from is methylisothiazolinone. This nasty is a replacement for formaldehyde. It's used to stabilise products and provide a longer shelf life. But it's also shown to be an extremely harmful allergen. The Australian government currently have this on the health watch list.

For me, anything that contains this chemical is a deal-breaker! That's just me, but for many other Australians, there are even more chemicals which cause issues.

Beauty Mover has removed all the chemicals, utilising the next-generation fabric technology, this eco-beauty product not only cleanses the skin but also removes dirt from within the pores. All that is needed is water and the fabric will activate.

We no longer need to be exposing our skin to so many chemicals. It's time to make the change and experience the technology in Beauty Mover.

Beauty Mover is a beauty essential. I keep one in the bathroom, one in the shower, and also in the gym bag. It's perfect for refreshing the face at the end of a long day or when you want to remove the glam before a gym session. 

Without using chemicals, your face will feel fresher, the pH balance is maintained, and the best part, Beauty Mover helps to reduce our impact on the planet. No more makeup wipes going to landfill!