Do I need to use cleanser or other products with the Beauty Mover?

Simply add water! The fibres are designed to attract makeup from within the pores without the need for additional beauty products. Some people like to cleanse after using the Beauty Mover, for a double cleanse, so you are welcome to do that too. It’s a personal preference.

I have eyelash extensions; can I use Beauty Mover?

Eyelash extensions look fabulous but do take some care to maintain. Beauty Mover is the perfect way to do this. As there are no chemicals involved, the Beauty Mover is gentle on the eye area and won’t impact the extensions.

I love wearing dark eyeliner and heavy mascara, will Beauty Mover remove this?

Our customers have said the mascara will come off when the Beauty Mover has been hydrated with water. Simply hold the Beauty mover over the area for 10 seconds and the makeup will begin to loosen.

If you have waterproof eye makeup, you can use coconut oil to help the process.

How do I clean my Beauty Mover?

Hand wash your Beauty Mover with mild soap and warm water after each use. At least once a week place the Beauty Mover in a laundry bag in the washing machine for a gentle cycle. It will help keep it fresh.

Should I add fabric softener to the washing machine?

It’s important NOT to add any fabric softener to the washing machine as this can damage the Beauty Mover and reduce the effectiveness. Simply place in the laundry bag on a gentle cycle with other like colours.

Stockists and collaborations

How do I become a Beauty Mover stockist?
Please email hello@beautymover.com.au and our team will be able to assist.

Can I collaborate with Beauty Mover, I am an influencer?
Please email hello@beautymover.com.au for all collaboration enquiries.