How does Beauty Mover work?

Beauty Mover is the next generation makeup remover made from material which is 100 times finer than a human hair. It's Reusable, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic. Beauty Mover replaces the traditional makeup remover wipe. Beauty Mover is great for the environment and even better for your skin.

How to use your Beauty Mover

Before the first use, place the Beauty Mover in a laundry bag in the washing machine for a gentle wash cycle. This will ensure any residue from packing & shipping will be removed. Leave to dry and then you are ready to add the Beauty Mover into your daily beauty routine. 

For everyday use, add warm water to the Beauty Mover and begin gently wiping your face. It's incredible how much makeup and pollutants come off with each wipe. For heavier makeup hold the Beauty Mover on the area for 5 -10 seconds and then wipe. 

When your face is clean, wash the Beauty Mover with mild soap, rinse and leave to dry. 

Each week put your Beauty Mover in the washing machine for a gentle cycle. Remember not too hot, and no fabric softener as this will damage the product. You can then happily use the Beauty Mover for many wash cycles before replacing.
By choosing Beauty Mover, you help stop more makeup wipes ending up in landfill. It's an excellent choice for the planet and you. Thanks for being a Beauty Mover!