There is only one planet, and we all must do our bit to keep it beautiful.

Here at Beauty Mover, we are conscious of the decisions we make and the impact these could have on the environment. That's why we implemented all of the below.

Biodegradable Bags
Our products are all distributed, utilising biodegradable bags. These replace the traditional plastic bags and are compostable with garden waste or food scraps. Unlike plastic, these bags will slowly return to the earth and become food for worms and plants. There is no additional landfill, and it gives back to the planet.

Reducing Landfill
Traditional makeup wipes take over 100 years to breakdown and with the average person using around 700 wipes per year, the environmental impact from these is incredible. Every Beauty Mover that replaces disposable makeup wipes is helping to reduce the long term impacts on the planet. 

Upcycling refers to a product being reused in a way different to the original format. The great news about a Beauty Mover is they can be upcycled into things like new tyres and insulation. To do this, customers have the option of returning the used Beauty Mover to us, and we will arrange for these to upcycled. It's a win-win for all involved. For details email

Beauty Movers are a sustainable choice.